Cemetery Options

The Grove at Rest Haven

Grove Cemetery

The Grove at Rest Haven, Rest Haven Memorial Park 

The Grove at Rest Haven offers options for both traditional burial and cremation. 

Private Mausoleums

Private Family Mausoleum, Rest Haven Memorial Park 

A Private or Family Mausoleum is custom designed to reflect your and your family's personal needs.

Private Family Estates

Private Family Estates - Reflections Waters, Rest Haven Memorial Park 

A Private Family Estate is set apart, usually by landscape features, and can be customized with mausoleum, columbarium urn niches and in-ground options - truly a family legacy for generations to come.


Memorial Garden Mausoleum, Rest Haven Funeral Home

The serene setting of our Mausoleum offers single or double space above ground interment.

Upright Monument Gardens

Upright Monuments - Rest Haven Memorial Park

Select areas of the Memorial Park are designed for upright monuments with the additional option of combining adjacent bronze-on-granite, flat marker spaces. These areas currently include the Garden of Resurrection, the Garden of Prayer and the Garden of Peace.

Public Servant Garden - First Responders Memorial

Public Servant Garden - First Responders Memorial

A beautiful tribute to First Responders located in our Public Servant Garden. The three-sided design in granite features representative etchings of a Fire Fighter, Police Officer and Emergency Personnel on each side. (Emergency Personnel figure shown).