What I Miss Most

There is a deep sense of loss and longing that comes from missing someone who has passed away. People often miss the little things—the sound of their voice, their laughter, the way they made them feel loved and understood. It's the memories of shared moments and the feeling of companionship that leave the biggest void when someone we love is no longer with us. We would love to hear "What You Miss Most" about your loved one. 

Is it spending the holidays or special days with them? Perhaps it is having them there when you are having a rough day. And, maybe, it is just their smile when they looked at you. Send us your story and one picture, and we will share both on our website and social media platforms. We hope this will be a great way for your loved one's legacy to go on and on. It is our honor to help carry on your memories.

Please email the picture and story to [email protected]. By emailing this information to Rest Haven, you are permitting us to post it online.