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Sunday, Apr. 28, 2024

Rest Haven Memorial Park

Rules & Regulations

Rest Haven Memorial Park was established in 1970, according to the laws of the State of Texas. It provides an atmosphere of beauty and serenity, offering a permanent place for family and friends to gather in honor and remembrance of their loved ones.

Please maintain an attitude of appropriate respect during the entirety of your visit. Additionally, please note that the posted speed limits are enforced.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the guidelines and policies of the Memorial Park, please feel free to contact us during normal business office hours listed on the reverse. 

Guidelines for Flower Placement

As in any park, Rest Haven Memorial Park has set guidelines. Therefore, we respectfully ask for your cooperation with the following simple requirements to provide a peaceful and welcoming setting for all who visit.

·        Fresh cut flowers or artificial flowers may be placed on your property at any time throughout the year, and will be disposed of when they become faded or unsightly at the discretion of the Cemetery Superintendent.

·        All fresh cut flowers, artificial flowers, or personal memorabilia must fit securely within the vase assembly of your granite upright marker, flat bronze marker, or mausoleum arbor vase.

·        Seasonal decorations will be removed on the following dates:

o  January 13

o  April 28

o  June 28

o  September 28

·        Fresh or artificial holiday greenery and flowers may be placed beginning the first week of December and will be removed starting the second week of January. During this time, holiday greenery and flowers are permitted outside the vase assembly of your marker.

·        For your family's convenience, Rest Haven has provided a storage building accessible by contacting the Cemetery Office and speaking to a Family Service Counselor. Shelving inside the storage building will be clearly marked with the name of each garden in the Park. Seasonal items removed from the grounds will be stored accordingly and available for you to pick up. After 30 days, they will be discarded.

Guidelines for Landscaping

In all sections of the Cemetery, landscaping and planting privileges are strictly limited to cemetery personnel. However, designated property is available and may be purchased to plant trees for use in family memorials. Such planting must be approved and strictly supervised by the Cemetery Superintendent.

Placing rods, brackets, posts, fences, or poles of any kind into the ground is strictly prohibited at all times

Rest Haven Memorial Park reserves the right to name, design, develop, and place all free-standing memorials, statues, foundations, signage, and embellishments at its own discretion, in the Cemetery. No individuals or organizations will be permitted to do so on their own.

Rest Haven Memorial Park is not responsible for maintaining, replacing, and/or safeguarding items placed on gravesites. 

Guidelines for Visitors

Visiting hours for Rest Haven Memorial Park are daily from sunrise to sunset. An adult should accompany children under the age of sixteen. In addition, an adult must supervise young children at all times.

Pets must be leashed at all times.

Recreational vehicles, buses, or trailers are allowed by special permission and must check-in at the business office before entering the Cemetery.

Bronze Marker and Granite Monument Disclosure

Regarding the Order & Installation of Your Personalized Memorial


Rest Haven Memorial Park must order your burial marker or monument not later than 21 days after you have paid 100% of the cost of the marker or monument; you have paid in full all charges for the interment spaces and corresponding required perpetual care, you have paid in full any marker or monument setting fees; you have approved the lettering and design for the marker or monument; and you have signed the necessary documentation directing or authorizing Rest Haven Memorial Park to order the marker or monument.


Rest Haven Memorial Park must set your marker no later than 15 days after inspection and acceptance by our Family Service Counselor, and you have paid in full all charges for the marker and interment spaces, including required perpetual care and any setting fees.


Rest Haven Memorial Park must set your monument no later than 25 days after inspection and acceptance by our Family Service Counselor, and you have paid in full all charges for the monument and interment spaces, including required perpetual care and any setting fees.


If Rest Haven Memorial Park is unable to set your burial marker or monument by the deadlines as mentioned above, Rest Haven Memorial Park will notify you in writing no later than the 5th day after the date by which your marker or monument is required to be set and inform you of the reason for the delay, and the date by which Rest Haven Memorial Park expects to be able to set your marker or monument.


All markers and monuments must be set within the statutory time parameters unless the purchaser has stipulated in writing their wish that the marker or monument be set later than required under these prerequisites.

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